31 December 2017

Transport for resonator guitar wanted (update)

The BIB has already mentioned that the coming Shannonside Winter Music Festival (18-22 Jan. 2018) will include Greg Blake (USA), already known over here as the powerful lead singer and guitarist with the dynamic band Jeff Scroggins & Colorado, and this time heading a special band - an elite collection of top-notch bluegrass musicians.

For instance, Sally Van Meter (photo) will be on resonator guitar - the first woman to be recognised as an outstanding player of the instrument. For the tour, she will be using a dobro lent by Colin Henry of Belfast, which has to reach her at Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare, on or before the early afternoon of Friday 19 January. Colin (who has a gig himself in Belfast that night) has posted the news on Facebook in the hope that someone from the North will be going down to Clare and could take it to her, but without response so far. Or would someone from Dublin be able to take it? Colin can be contacted by e-mail.

Update 3 Jan.: Thanks to Ronnie Norton in Dublin for undertaking to deliver the instrument.

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