08 November 2017

Midnight Skyracer - gaining altitude fast

Eight months ago the BIB carried the news that the members of Cup O' Joe (Co. Armagh) were also playing in two new UK bands: Reuben and Benjamin Agnew in the Propane Brothers (who recently featured in the 2017 Bunratty Bluegrass Festival), and Tabitha Agnew in Midnight Skyracer (left). The other members of Midnight Skyracer include the Carrivick Sisters, who played at this year's Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival.

Now Bluegrass Today has a feature on Midnight Skyracer, outlining the lively demand which the band is generating and mentioning the Kickstarter campaign for their debut album Fire, support for which has already hit its target well before the deadline. The band prepared a video for the campaign, which can be seen on Bluegrass Today and also on YouTube.

The BIB mentioned in September that Rainer Zellner's Music Contact agency is booking a tour in Germany for Midnight Skyracer for next May. Three dates are already on the Music Contact website, which (following the band's own Facebook) lists them as 'Girl power bluegrass'. From what we've heard, the operative word there is 'power'. This is a hard-driving, multi-talented, and entertaining band.

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