19 October 2017

Tom Chapin at the Unitarian Church, Dublin, this Saturday (21 Oct. 2017)

Thanks to Andrew Basquille for the news that he and Language and Leisure are presenting the three-time Grammy-Award-winning American singer/ songwriter Tom Chapin in two concerts at the Dublin Unitarian Church, St Stephen’s Green, on Saturday 21 October 21st: one show at 3.00 p.m. for children (plus parents and grandparents) and the second at 8.00 p.m. for grown-ups. Tickets are on sale at www.tickets.ie. Contact Andrew by mobile (086 8092313) or e-mail.

From the press release:

The New York Times calls Tom Chapin 'one of the great personalities in contemporary folk music'. Tom says: 'Mine is not a traditional music, but it comes from a tradition. My musical heroes are people like Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie who wrote and sang real songs for real people.'

Billboard calls Tom Chapin 'The best family artist around'. 
For the kids’ show, Tom Chapin presents a lively, interactive, and fun-filled performance which engages the hearts, minds, and imaginations of young listeners. For the adult show, Chapin serves up a tasty mix of story songs, ballads, comedic and political songs, sing-alongs, old-time folk classics, and a favourite song or two of his late brother Harry Chapin ('The cats in the cradle', 'W.O.L.D.'.

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