06 October 2017

The Lowest Pair (USA) available for bookings in Ireland, 26 Mar.-1 Apr. 2018

Following on from the announcements in the BIB posts of 1 June and 12 September, Loudon Temple of the UK's Brookfield Knights agency sends further news of the proposed tour in Ireland next spring by The Lowest Pair (USA), the duo of Kendi Winter and Palmer T. Lee. Loudon writes:

It's a great pleasure to be bringing this outstanding duo - The Lowest Pair - back over to this side of the Atlantic again after they had such a tremendous reception when we toured them earlier this year. Rarely have we heard such beautiful music so perfectly performed...

and gives a sample selection of quotes from reviewers: 'A true joy' (Rudie Humphrey, AmericanaUK); 'Music for sunshine and mint juleps' (Folk radio UK); 'Incredibly atmospheric' (Julian Piper, Acoustic magazine); 'A musical marriage made in heaven' (Lonesome Highway, Ireland); 'Vocal perfection' (David Innes, R2 magazine); 'Voices just born to sing bluegrass and old-time' (David Kidman, Fatea magazine)

Loudon writes:

We are very keen to try to put together a tour for them in Ireland this time, to introduce them to new audiences there. The plan would be to fly them into Dublin and put a week-long run together from 26 March to 1 April. Would you please take a quick look at their page at the Brookfield Knights website, where you will find out more information, sample tracks, and videos. Then, please let us know if you would like to book them for a slot in that timeframe.

Contact Loudon by e-mail or through the Brookfield Knights website.

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