30 October 2017

The Lowest Pair available for dates in Ireland, 28 Mar.-1 Apr. 2018

Following on from the BIB post of 6 October, Loudon Temple of the UK's Brookfield Knights agency sends further news of the proposed tour in Ireland next spring by The Lowest Pair (USA), the duo of Kendi Winter and Palmer T. Lee. Loudon writes:

Hi, folks - following their successful month-long UK tour earlier this year, we will be sending The Lowest Pair to Ireland for a run of dates at the end of March in 2018 when they return to this side of the Atlantic, and have one or two slots still to fill. Please let us know if you would like to grab them on any of the following nights (an afternoon show might be a possibility on the Sunday): Wed. 28 March, Sat. 31 March, and Sun. 1 April.

This year, they were one of the main visiting attractions at Shetland Folk Festival bookers and Edinburgh's TradFest. The duo were signed to hip and happening New York label Team Love, who have a strong roster of artists including acts of the stature of the Felice Brothers.

When the label embarked on a big European push, it paid dividends with rave reviews flowing in after they released TWO albums in the UK last year. [...] We strongly recommemnd them. Find out more at their Our Artistes page at the www.Brookfield-Knights.com website, where there are also sample tracks and video clips.

Contact Loudon by e-mail or through the Brookfield Knights website.

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