12 September 2017

The Lowest Pair: available for bookings in Ireland, 26 Mar.-1 Apr. 2018

The BIB mentioned on 1 June that the UK's Brookfield Knights agency is planning a tour in these islands next year by The Lowest Pair (USA), the duo of Kendi Winter and Palmer T. Lee. Audio and video links can be found here.

Brookfield Knights's Loudon Temple reports that they had a triumphant debut tour in Britain this year, including performances at the Shetland Folk Festival and Edinburgh's TradFest. Their provisional schedule for next spring allocates a period in Ireland from 26 March to 1 April. Loudon writes:

Can you please let us know if you would like to grab them for a slot on your music programmme, and indicate if possible any particular date preference you have, as that will be a great help when it comes to looking at sensible routing.

Contact Loudon by e-mail or through the Brookfield Knights website.

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