15 September 2017

Laura Cortese (USA) at Clonakilty Guitar Festival, 19 Sept. 2017

Laura Cortese (photo: Natalie Champa Jennings)

Loudon Temple of the UK's Brookfield Knights agency announced in February this year that Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards (USA) would be available for bookings in these islands in the period from 27 September to 11 October inclusive. As it turns out, they will be playing in Britain from 28 September to 14 October, but not in Ireland.

However, Laura Cortese herself will be performing in Ireland next Tuesday (19 Sept.) as part of the Clonakilty Guitar Festival, at De Barra's Folk Club in Clonakilty, Co. Cork. The timetable isn't yet on the Festival website, but it is on the 'Events' page of the Facebook. Sharing the bill with her that night are Moxie and Ye Vagabonds. Tickets are €15, booked online.

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