04 August 2017

More on Bluegrass Camp Ireland 2017 - and Massey mandolins

The photo above of students, teachers, and organisers at last weekend's Bluegrass Camp Ireland is taken from the Camp's Facebook, where the event is comprehensively reviewed by Simon and T.J. Their final paragraph is worth quoting:

We think you deserve something pretty special to help you flourish as musicians, We think this may be capable of being a world class event. We're booked in for the same weekend next year (last week of July before the Republic August Bank holiday). Keep playing.

The BIB editor writes:

Also on hand at the Camp were flyers for Massey mandolins (photo above), designed and built since 1989 by Mick Massey, originally of Dublin and now based in Cavan: see his entry on the Session website. He specialises in arched-top, tap-tuned instruments of the mandolin family, mainly F-5, H-5 (mandola), and A styles, using mainly Alpine spruce tops and figured maple and other tonewoods for backs and sides; and also makes original designs and custom orders to suit the requirements of individual clients. Repairs, refrets, modifications, pickup installations, setup, and adjustments to all string instruments are also handled. He can be contacted at 087 2605259 or via Facebook.

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