24 August 2017

Fretboard Journal no. 39

The BIB has already remarked about the Fretboard Journal that for a magazine not dedicated to bluegrass, it carries a lot of material to interest bluegrass enthusiasts. This is certainly true of issue 39; the contents include a three-page feature on Noam Pikelny with photos of his 1941 TB-7 conversion and his 1953 Telecaster; a major feature on Mike Compton, his liking for Australian mandolins, and his duo work with Joe Newberry; an article on Chris Eldridge, guitarist of the Punch Brothers, and his duo work with Julian Lage; and a ten-page feature on the luthiery of Elle Jayne Henderson, daughter of the legendary Virginia luthier Wayne Henderson. Even the article on a twin-necked pedal steel guitar once owned by Californian Wayne Gailey mentions that he impressed an expert Japanese audience by playing Earl Scruggs's 'Flint Hill Special'.

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