13 July 2017

Wookalily's Kickstarter deadline approaches

Three weeks ago Wookalily announced the recording of their second album, produced by Julie McLarnon at Analogue Catalogue Recording Studios (see the BIB for 22 June).

The band are largely financing the album themselves, but need their fans' support to reach the target of £4,000. Support can be pledged through a Kickstarter campaign or by pre-ordering the album. All money pledged will be used for the expenses of recording, producing, distributing, and marketing the album. Wookalily now announce that the deadline is only one week away:

If we don't reach our target we don't get anything and our new album might never see the light of day. It's your chance to buy some unique products and/or receive our album before the official release date. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! Visit our website for more info on how to support this project!

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