11 July 2017

Woodbine Bluegrass Jamboree 2017 - a great success

Photo from the Jamboree Facebook

Thanks to Des Butler for this report on last weekend's Woodbine Bluegrass Jamboree, and for all the photos appearing below. No one is likely to disagree with Des's opening sentence:

Well, I feel that having returned from the second Woodbine Bluegrass Jamboree in Athy it was a great success.

L-r: Taylor Bailey, Evan Lyons, Amy Lyons

The proceedings opened on the first night with a set performed by Amy & Evan Lyons and Taylor Bailey: there is no end to these young people's talent.

Colonel Bullshot Rides Again, with Liam Wright on bass

Their set was followed by Colonel Bullshot Rides Again who are always a pleasure to see and hear, especially their very talented fiddle player. The official part of the evening was rounded off by the ever enjoyable Woodbine themselves, accompanied by P.J. Power on dobro [see photo at top].

The second evening saw Clem O'Brien make a very welcome return to the stage after a year's rest. Clem's high lonesome sound entertained us with some old classics and some great flat-picking of some of his own compositions.

Having heard the Watery Hill Boys many times in the past, their performance here on Saturday night as the next band to take to the stage was in my opinion their best, playing some great bluegrass and old-timey numbers that never fail to entertain.

The official part of the evening again was rounded off by Woodbine, accompanied by the very talented Colin Henry on Dobro.

Friday after-concert jam: Johnny Brady (centre) supported by Taylor Bailey and Amy Lyons (barely visible), Eamonn of Della Belle, Evan Lyons, and James and Colin Henry

Each evening saw practically all musicians, both playing at or attending the Jamboree, taking part in what was a very enjoyable jamming session.

Saturday after-concert jam: (l-r) Liam Wright, James and Colin Henry,
Donal Black, BIB editor, Jim MacArdl

Jam in Dunne's: (clockwise l-r) BIB editor, Johnny Gleeson (partly hidden), Paul McEvoy, Paddy Fortune, Simon Humphries, Evan Lyons, Colin Henry, James Henry, Amy Lyons

There was also an excellent jamming session in Dunne's Bar from 2 o'clock till 6.00 on Saturday afternoon, with Johnny Gleeson, Richard Hawkins, Colin Henry and his very talented banjo-playing son, and several of the other musicians taking part. The entire official lineup for the Jamboree and all the jamming musicians were all home-grown Irish bluegrass talent.

Looking forward to next year's Woodbine Bluegrass Jamboree - long may it continue.

BIB editor's note: The Saturday afternoon jam may have been a historical milestone: in Colin Henry's experience, there has been no previous jam in Ireland where the first two arrivals were both reso-guitar players (himself and Johnny Gleeson). And, of course, I don't qualify as 'home-grown talent'.

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