16 July 2017

Jim Lauderdale goes Underground in Sept. 2017

Jim Lauderdale (photo) performed at Triskel Christchurch arts centre in Cork city on Friday (14 July); any comments by BIB readers who saw the show will be welcome.

The BIB briefly hinted at Jim's solid and extensive bluegrass credentials on 8 June. He will be ending his current European tour in concert with Beth Nielsen Chapman on Sunday 30 July at the National Concert Hall, Dublin 2.

On 9 September he will be leading the Jim Lauderdale Bluegrass Band at one of the most unique venues in the States: Bluegrass Underground in the historic Cumberland Caverns, 333 feet (101.5 metres) below McMinnville, TN. As it happens, this will be a fortnight after Maura O'Connell plays there. More on coming shows at Bluegrass Underground can be read here.

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