27 June 2017

Westport 2017 - videos and photos!

Uri Kohen, head of the Folk and Bluegrass Festival organising team at Westport, Co. Mayo, sends good news for anyone wanting to refresh their memories of the Festival or get a taste of gigs they didn't manage to catch:

Ger Kenny of Pervege Free Films has been filming every gig, concert, and session at the Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival since the first one in 2007. Over the years, many of his videos made their way to the festival's YouTube channel.

The channel is being updated regularly, and at the moment there are some classic moments from this year's festival as well as many videos from previous ones. Please visit the channel and feel free to share the clips you like on social media. Enjoy!

There are also plenty of photos (and enthusiastic comments by people who were there) on the Festival's Facebook, including the one below showing Westport's own Rocky Top String Band.

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