13 June 2017

Mountain music in the Low Countries

For anyone about to go to the Low Countries - two bluegrass festivals will take place there before the end of this month.

Bluegrass in Belgium sends news of the Low Country Bluegrass Festival this coming weekend (16-18 June). This is at present the only bluegrass festival in Belgium since the suspension of the much-missed Picnic Festival at Namur. It is held in Oelegem, about 15 km east of Antwerp. The lineup over three days includes four Belgian bands (including the unique Rawhide), two from the Netherlands, and one each from Slovakia, Germany, and Britain (the Kentucky Cow Tippers, concert stars at last year's Westport festival).

The following weekend (23-5 June), as mentioned earlier on the BIB, the Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival will be held in the Netherlands, with a lineup including several acts from the USA headed by Sierra Hull in her only appearance in Europe on this trip.*

For those travelling further afield: the oldest bluegrass festival in Europe, the 45th Banjo Jamboree, takes place this weekend at Čáslav in the Czech Republic with over 25 bands (lineup here).

*Update 16 June: Since the above was written, it appears from the latest EBMA newsletter that Sierra Hull will be playing six dates in Britain after Rotterdam.

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