23 June 2017

Mala & Fyrmoon (CH) back in Ireland, 28 Sept.-8 Oct. 2017

(L-r) Vincent Zurkinden, Mala, Stefan Behler

Our Swiss friends Mala & Fyrmoon (also on Facebook) will be back in Ireland this autumn, and Mala (lead vocals, fiddle, guitar, mandolin) writes:

Dear fans and friends from the green island,

Our third tour to Ireland is getting closer, and we are so excited about it!

Now we still have some open dates to fill. I thought I'll reach out to you, asking for advice, suggestions. For example listening rooms, folk clubs?

Or maybe you (or some friends of yours) are even interested in hosting a private house concert for us? To do so, you would need a room where at least 15-20 people could sit or stand, and invite over all your friends and family. Generally, you would ask them for a suggested donation as our pay. We've done that before, and it's definitely a very special, intimate moment for hosts, guests, and musicians...

If you are interested, let me know, or give me your phone number, so I can call you for further information.

The dates to fill are all in the first week of October:
Tues. 3rd (region or between Cork and Listowel)
Thurs. 5th (between Listowel and Sligo)
Sat. 7th (between Sligo and Dublin; Sunday 8th we'll take the flight home to Switzerland)

Thanks for any help and hope to see you in the fall!

Mala can be e-mailed at malamusic@gmx.ch. The band can be heard and seen on YouTube in these samples: 'Green light of May', 'On the run', and 'Still falling'.

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At 5:25 pm, Anonymous Mala said...

Thanks Richard for your help and support, it's a pleasure!


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