24 June 2017

Major interview with Alan Munde

The BIB editor writes:

Back in April the BIB noted that a major interview with Tom Mindte by Katy Daley had appeared on Bluegrass Today, and that it was worth reading for any bluegrass enthusiast. On Thursday Bluegrass Today published Katy Daley's very substantial interview with Alan Munde (photo), one of the most respected bluegrass musicians alive.

It's indispensable reading as a high-profile professional's account of how music entered and developed in his life from childhood on, his banjos, his mentors, his heroes, his two years with Jimmy Martin at $35 a show, his teaching career, and much, much more. Any instrumentalist should read the passage on how to make a note 'quick', even if you read nothing else. But you should read it all.

Almost at the end, there's a brief passage on Alan's long association with Stelling banjos - he was (I believe) the first prominent player to become identified with playing a Stelling.

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