10 May 2017

Simon on Sore Fingers - now in the latest BBN

The BIB editor writes:

Congratulations to Simon Humphries, co-organiser of Bluegrass Camp Ireland (right) - Simon's report on this year's Sore Fingers Summer School was first published on the Bluegrass Camp Ireland Facebook and appeared on the BIB on 27 April (with a very few cosmetic changes to suit the BIB's house style).

Simon's full original text has now been published in British Bluegrass News, no. 80 (spring 2017) as a two-page spread (pp 10-11) with seven photos, and it looks great - except that Simon's name is not mentioned, and the article appears over the byline 'Bluegrass Camp Ireland' with no contact data. In all other respects BBN is produced to extremely high standards; while it is a model of an association journal, its content ranges far beyond the British bluegrass scene (e.g. the feature on the two-millionth Martin guitar), and all contributors seem happy to write at considerable length.

The BBN appears quarterly and is sent free to everyone with BBMA membership.

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