06 May 2017

Latest BAND Festival news

Thanks to Riona McGrath of the BAND Festival (also on Facebook), coming in Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal (23-25 June), for these updates:

Our lineup has been expanding: we have not announced everyone yet but there's a good few added to the website since we last spoke. A few points of interest may be a young bluegrass group coming over from Scotland, the Dirty Beggars; Erdini; Geordie McAdam & Co; and Alec Somerville.

We also now have a few ticketed events. They are:
  • a Niall Toner full band show,
  • a Niall Toner solo show in the Holy Trinity Church in Dunfanaghy (it's a really beautiful place and has been used for a couple of music events in the past),
  • and finally a duo that is more along the Nashville route - Brian Willoughby & Cathryn Craig, who will be doing two early evening events.
There's more info. on each of these on www.thebandfestival.com/special-performances.

Each of those four performances are €10 each, but we're selling festival passes for €25 that mean you can access all of these performances.

There will be a mix of music throughout the weekend, we're adding updates to the lineup at www.thebandfestival.com/bands. It's all coming around pretty quickly but we're really excited about it all!

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