03 April 2017

Who backed up Mac Wiseman in Ireland?

Another Bluegrass Hall of Fame member, Mac Wiseman, belongs to that generation who were playing professionally before bluegrass music got its name. The book Mac Wiseman: All my memories fit for print, as told to Walt Trott, published about eighteen months ago, is packed with information on all aspects of his long career and the many people with whom he had to deal, both inside and outside music. Mac describes (p. 218) a trip to New York for a show in Madison Square Garden in October 1981:

We caught a cab down to a place called Rosie O'Grady's, quite a large nightspot right down in the heart of the Big Apple. I just wanted to unwind and have a drink, but my attorney went up to the bandstand to tell them I was there. Turned out it was a group from Ireland, who had played backup for me over there. How ironic is that? So there we were having a reunion on stage in New York City.

Can anyone recall Mac's visit to Ireland, the date, and the name of the band who had played backup for him?

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