01 April 2017

EBMA: new news medium, membership fees, benefits, and more [UPDATE]

Supporting European Bluegrass and Bluegrass in Europe

Thanks to the European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA) for this press release, issued yesterday (31 Mar.):

EBMA is making significant changes in order to improve its services with reduced membership fees and new benefits, the introduction of a monthly newsletter, and modernising the way it operates.

Newsletter Launch
On Thursday 6 April* EBMA will publish its first monthly Newsletter. The intention of this newsletter is to keep people in touch with upcoming events, news, reviews, and articles of interest. We will expand its scope in response to the reactions and input from members and subscribers.

[Update: this should now read 'Monday 10 April']

The Newsletter will be sent automatically to members. Subscription for non-members is through the EBMA website home page at www.ebma.org.

New Membership Fees and Benefits
As of 1 March 2017 EBMA has introduced new membership fees and benefits:
Standard Membership now €15
Active Membership now €30
Band Membership €50
Sponsor members remain at €100 but with the added bonus of free banner advertising on the EBMA website and in the Newsletter.

The reduced fees and new benefits reflect EBMA’s plan to reduce costs and broaden its membership base by making it more affordable across the whole of Europe.

EBMA is introducing an annual CD featuring EBMA bands and artists. The CD will be free to all members and will also be used to market EBMA bands and artists with talent buyers and broadcasters.

Member Bands, Artists, Festivals and Organisers will get improved publicity for gigs and concerts through the Newsletter and social media in the months and weeks leading up to the event.

Full details can be found at www.ebma.org/membership.

EBMA will continue to inform and interest members and the greater European bluegrass community through the website, social media and the monthly Newsletter.

The annual members meeting will be done through an e-system survey-and-consultation process for approval of the audit report, elections to the Board, and any other matters etc. This process will enable all members to have a greater voice and to better engage in the running of the association.

The current bylaws will be replaced by a new constitution that will take into account the changes to the way in which the association will operate. The draft constitution will be circulated to EBMA members through the e-system process for comments and change proposals and then for final approval.

Bluegrass Europe
The EBMA quarterly magazine Bluegrass Europe was not economically sustainable in printed format and ceased publication last year. Plans for an online edition were shelved due of lack of resources to take on the high workload involved. The monthly Newsletter, website, and social media will fill the space left by the magazine.

Bluegrass Europe played a vital part in the history and development of EBMA and in supporting bluegrass music in Europe. A deserved thanks is due to all who worked on it and contributed to it over the past years; they did a great job!

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