03 April 2017

Bobby Osborne - still at full speed ahead

Thanks to Uri Kohen for mentioning that the delights of attending IBMA's Leadership Bluegrass 2017 class included a special preview of a forthcoming album by Bluegrass Hall of Fame member Robert Van 'Bobby' Osborne. Uri writes that the class had

... an exclusive play of four tracks, and it is just as good as the music gets - something to look forward to.

The album, Original, will be out in June and can be pre-ordered from Compass Records ($15.00). But there's no need to wait to have Uri's verdict confirmed: Bluegrass Today carried on Friday a feature with a SoundCloud premiere of one track - 'They call the wind Maria'. This show tune is a fine vehicle for Bobby's incredible voice - always one of the finest in bluegrass, and still incredible after a performing career of nearly seventy years.

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