06 April 2017

Béla Fleck solo, live, and in person

Following on from the BIB post of a couple of weeks ago about Chris Thile and Béla Fleck, today Bluegrass Today publishes a feature on a 45-minute video interview with Béla Fleck by the pop music editor of the New York Times. The video can also be seen on YouTube on the New York Times channel.

Plied with questions and comments from callers, Béla has a great deal to say about the banjo in general and his own iconic instrument, politics and the performer, playing in Africa and India, places where he'd like to play, Pete Seeger, Chris Thile, Jerry Garcia, people he'd like to play with, playing in odd meters, double-C tuning, excerpts from his compositions for chamber ensemble, and much more. He also plays a great deal of varied music, and this setting is one of the best ways of hearing and seeing his solo playing.

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