22 April 2017

April Verch Band: new albums, new video, new tour date

The April Verch Band (CAN), who will be in Ireland next month as part of a three-week tour of Europe, send reminders of recent and coming record releases: the April Verch anthology (see the BIB for 25 Nov. 2016), which came out in February, and Going home, April's collaboration with Joe Newberry (see the BIB for 31 March 2017), which will be released on 12 May.

The April Verch Band have also released a video of their live performance of Mark Schatz's new old-time tune 'Jump cricket, jump'. This can be seen on their website, on YouTube, and on the website of Moving on Music, which is presenting the Northern Ireland part of their tour.

Please note that one of the dates originally listed in the schedule has been changed: the show on Thursday 11 May will be at the Portico, Portaferry, Co. Down, not in Bangor Castle as formerly announced. Finally, the band request:

If you use Spotify, would you take a quick moment to 'follow' April in your user profile, and add one of her tracks or albums to your music library? In the ever-growing streaming industry, this is an extremely important action you can take to help an independent artist like April. It's easy and quick for you and means so much... Thanks!

You can 'follow' by way of this link.

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