08 February 2017

The lore (and lure) of the Loar - Lloyd, that is (update)

Bill Monroe's 1923 Lloyd Loar Gibson F-5 #73987, on display in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (photo: Mandolin Archive)

The BIB recently mentioned the Po' Ramblin' Boys (USA) and in particular their mandolinist, C.J. Lewandowski. He has just contributed to Bluegrass Today the first instalment of the story of a mandolin that has been important in his life - the Lloyd Loar Gibson F-5 #72058, shipped out of the factory five months earlier than Bill Monroe's iconic instrument.

Very well worth reading for all instrument freaks, and especially for those interested in an instrument's career. Much more on the musician and acoustic engineer Lloyd Allalyre Loar (1886-1943), his instruments, his work with the Gibson company, etc., is on Roger Siminoff's website.

PS: The Siminoff website also includes a recent endorsement by Jeff Scroggins (who will be in Ireland with his band in two weeks' time) of Roger Siminoff's Straight Up Strings.

Update 9 Feb.: Part 2 of C.J.'s story is now on Bluegrass Today. It's a long story, but instrument freaks will not wish it a word shorter.

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