15 February 2017

Jeff Scroggins & Colorado (USA): tour begins at Sixmilebridge, 23 Feb. 2017

Thanks to Brendan Walsh of the Shannonside Winter Music Festival and Sixmilebridge Folk Club, for this poster image of the concert beginning this year's tour by Jeff Scroggins & Colorado (USA), a week from tomorrow (Thurs. 23 Feb.) at McGregor's, Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare. The show starts at 8.30 p.m., and tickets are €20.

The poster is shown at the BIB's maximum size to give a chance of reading the salient details without artificial aids; but everything can be seen without difficulty if you click on the image or go to the Winter Music Festival website. An important point is that the great Mark Schatz (not shown in the picture) will be the bassist on the tour. More details about the band are on their website and on the BIB for 2 Feb. 2017, which gives full tour dates (also on the BIB calendar).

As mentioned on the BIB on 18 Jan., Tristan Scroggins (mandolinist in the band, and Jeff's son) has launched a blog, The Why Lonesome Sound, on aspects of bluegrass history; and his latest entry, '"Scottish Traditional Music" and how to preserve bluegrass (jams, contests, festivals, and regional diversity)', was published yesterday. It should stimulate reflection on how traditional music has been reinvigorated in this island, and what lessons this may have for bluegrass.

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