22 February 2017

I Draw Slow to headline Dunmore East 2017 festival

Dave and Louise Holden of I Draw Slow

Thanks to Mick Daly, head of the organising team of the Guinness International Bluegrass Festival at Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, who sends -

Good news from Dunmore: I DRAW SLOW will headline this year's festival [24-27 Aug.]. Three bands in a row from Compass Records (something that was not planned but very pleased that it happened).

See the BIB for 13 Feb. Mick alludes to the headliners at Dunmore in the last two years: the Claire Lynch Band in 2015 and Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley in 2016, all on the Compass Records artist roster. The new album from I Draw Slow, Turn your face to the sun, is scheduled for release on 17 Apr. 2017.

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