05 February 2017

Chris Thile at the NCH, Dublin, 21 Mar. 2017

The National Concert Hall's blurb begins:

Widely regarded as one of the most interesting and inventive musicians and composers of his generation, Chris Thile of Punch Brothers has changed the mandolin forever. He returns to the National Concert Hall performing original compositions, as well as contemporary, traditional and classical works.

His concert at 8.00 p.m. on 21 March will be in the Main Auditorium. Tickets are at €28.50 and €25 (€22.50 in the Choir Balcony), with a 10% discount for Friends of the National Concert Hall. A YouTube recording of his playing Bach's violin sonata no. 1 in Gm, with the cover art of his Nonesuch Records CD of Bach, is on the NCH website.

Earlier the same day he will give a Performance Workshop (3.00 p.m.) aimed at musicians and music students, in which:

he will discuss and demonstrate his approach to composing and performing, and offer feedback and advice to participants. He will also discuss the differences between traditional and contemporary music styles, and how he approaches performance across the wide variety of genres within which he operates.

This sounds like a unique opportunity. The NCH website gives both the John Field Room and the Kevin Barry Recital Room as the workshop location, but this should be easy to sort out. Tickets are €10.

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