20 February 2017

Bluegrass guitar lessons on video from Musika Inc.

Thanks to Jason Bannon of Musika Inc., who writes:

I made this three-part 'Rolling in my sweet baby's arms' video guitar tutorial with a friend of mine who is a very talented bluegrass and acoustic guitar teacher, you can see all parts here.

The first part is a basic rhythm lesson, second part is intermediate, and third has some more advanced links and runs. The hope is that people can use this to learn the tune and play in their local jam circles, no matter their skill level. If we get enough interest in this we hope to keep making these tutorials for other popular jam circle tunes. With that in mind, feel free to send any suggestions for our next round of lessons.

Suggestions can be sent to the Musika Inc. website or direct to Jason by e-mail. A link to Musika bluegrass guitar lessons has been added to the 'Instruction' section of the links in the BIB's sidebar.

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