23 February 2017

A full life!

The BIB asked Belfast multi-instrumentalist and dobro maestro Colin Henry about the bands and artists with whom he plays. Colin replies:

GorseFire are on Sabbatical at the moment and I play when schedules allow with the Tennessee Hennessees. I have been doing quite a bit with various singers which is very enjoyable and satisfying. I of course play with Janet and we are performing on 2 March in the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival in 'Songs from the heart'. I have recently been recording on Janet Dowd's forthcoming album and on other projects that are in the pipeline and slowly coming to fruition.

Most Saturdays will find me in the [Count Me In] session at Ellie Mays, Dunadry, Templepatrick (3.00 p.m. to 6.00), and the first Saturday of the month I try and make the Corner House, Lurgan, for a really great session (2.00 p.m. to 6.00) led by Mel Corry and Sean McKerr. So - busy musically, as I like to be. I have decided I am too old to retire yet!

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