22 January 2017

Woodbine: a change

From the core members of Woodbine:

For the past fifteen years Woodbine has been to the forefront in Irish bluegrass music, playing all its festivals and gigs all over the country. For nine of those years Richard Hawkins (BIB editor) has been our banjo player, a great 5-string player, great band member, team player, and most of all a great friend. Sadly for Woodbine, Richard has decided to retire from playing gigs and festivals.

We have travelled the country together from Belfast to Wexford, Limerick to Donegal, Mayo to Meath, and many more places in between. We have enjoyed some fantastic shows together and made many friends on our journey. It has been a real pleasure to play with Richard, a most courteous and affable gentleman who will be hard to replace.

We wish you well Richard, and thanks for so many memories that will endure for the rest of our lives.

Tony, Liam, and Nicola
From the BIB editor:

I owe Tony, Liam, and Nicola a great deal for those years - and not just for the pleasure of their company, great as that has been. Woodbine is the best band I've ever been in or could have hoped to be in, and I have been proud to be their banjo player. Learning their material (I admired their choice of songs long before I had any idea of joining them) and learning how to fit in to the band sound and complement their fine singing, has made me more of a banjo player than I ever was before.

All my best wishes go to Tony, Liam, and Nicola, and I look forward to hearing the characteristic Woodbine sound for years to come.



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