02 January 2017

New Year greetings from Wookalily

Wookalily send New Year greetings and look back on a year in which they've appeared on BBC2 NI, BBC4 (in the 'UK's Best Part Time Band' series), UTV, NVTV, and RTE. (They'll be back on the screens again in January, this time on BBC1 NI for 'The Castle sessions'.)

Moreover, in late 2016 they added a blog to their website, and they've been added to the roster of Fat Penguin Management. And, like I Draw Slow (see the BIB for 15 Nov.), they are producing collectible posters (above), designed by Adele Ingram and Louise Potter. And their latest studio video - produced after the number went down particularly well on TV - can be seen on YouTube.

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