21 January 2017

Geopolitical accuracy

The BIB editor writes:

We're delighted to see a post on the European Bluegrass Music Association Facebook at 12 Jan., with a message from Nigel Martyn, organiser of the current tour by the Special Consensus (USA), that the band's shows at Clonmel and Roscrea last weekend were sold out in advance.

Slightly less delighted by the title of this post yesterday on Bluegrass Today, 'Special C. does the UK in '17'. The text of the post is by Greg Cahill, but we know Greg wouldn't have put that title on it. Just to clarify: of the twenty-six dates in the tour, nineteen are in the island of Ireland, and fifteen of those are not in the UK. Still, no hard feelings - good wishes to all our friends over there in British North America.

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