08 January 2017

Blood Red Mountain Band call it a day

A month ago Dublin's Blood Red Mountain Band, suppliers of 'moonshine for your ears', announced with regret on Facebook:

Hey folks, we’ve been off air for quite a while and we have a major announcement to make. Unfortunately it’s also a sad announcement, that, after twelve years on the road, the Blood Reds are calling it a day. We released a beautiful album and played at some of the best festivals. We’ve appeared on our favourite radio shows and sang to the most amazing people on the island, but we reached the limit of potential within the group and decided it was time to do something else. We’ve made great friends, climbed the prettiest mountains, and made some huge music in even the smallest of venues. It’s sad to go. New projects are afoot for all the cast, we’ll keep you updated. A really massive thank you to all our fans, our friends and the venues and services that supported us over the years - we’ve had a blast: hope you did too.

The BRMB consisted of Mark Flynn (guitar, vocals) Joeby Browne (bass, uke, vocals), Alison Byrne (oboe, vocals), Dave Keegan (drums), and Sarah May Rogers (fiddle, vocals). They can still be seen and heard on YouTube, and read on their blog.

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