19 December 2016

More on workshop day at Bühl, 21 May 2017

For readers with a European perspective - the BIB reported on 7 Dec. that there will be an extra day of workshops at the 15th International Bühl Bluegrass Festival at Bühl (Baden), Germany, in May next year.

Though held in conjunction with the festival, this is a separate enterprise by Adiaha Bürkmiller‎, who has been organising annual bluegrass instruction camps among the stunning Bavarian mountain scenery for years now. (A video giving some of the flavour is on Adiaha's website and can also be seen on YouTube.) The next main Bluegrass Camp on her schedule will be on 6-8 October 2017, when our friends from Red Wine (with Jürgen Biller from 4 Wheel Drive also teaching banjo) will form the core of the teaching staff.

At Adiaha's Bluegrass Day at Bühl on 21 May, the instruction will come from Chris Jones & the Night Drivers (USA), plus Röbi Brunner of Switzerland on dobro. The charge for enrolment appears as €180 (it was announced on 2 Dec. as €170, so check with Adiaha if you're thinking of going).

Don't forget Bluegrass Camp Ireland (also on Facebook) this summer, after a very successful launch in July 2016. Details will be on the BIB as soon as we receive them.

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