10 December 2016

Burton, Jones, & Brownlie (GB) in Ireland, early June 2017

The Dude Coopers: (l-r) Richard Eyres, Mark Jones,
Howard Burton, Charlie Ogunremi

Thanks to Mark Jones in England, who sends news of a tour preparing for early next summer:

I play with the Dude Coopers [also on Facebook], a well established bluegrass band on the UK festival circuit since 2007.

Our biography can be found on our website, and to get an idea of our live sound please see this YouTube clip of us at the Orwell Bluegrass Festival in 2013.

Howard Burton (banjo player with the Dude Coopers) and I (guitar player with the Dude Coopers) have a new musical project as a trio with bass player Asa Hardy Brownlie, for next year's festival season. I am currently arranging festival appearances for the new ensemble and have three festivals who have confirmed bookings for the 2017 season.

We are hoping to arrange some gigs, over a week in Ireland. We have a tentative booking in Ireland on 9 June and are looking to arrange some gigs either side of that date (we have a festival booking in England the weekend prior [2-4 June]).

BIB editor's note: As shown on their website, Howard and Mark (like all the Dudes) have impressive credentials as pickers. There is plenty of video evidence of the Dudes' impact as a band. Promoters and event organisers interested in booking the trio in Ireland can contact Mark by e-mail.

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