28 November 2016

UK festivals for 2017 listed on BBMA Facebook

Last Friday the British Bluegrass Music Association published on its Facebook a list of twenty-three bluegrass festivals and other events of one or more days in length, that will be held in the UK between March and September 2017. The 'other events' include the Sore Fingers Summer School in April (summer comes early in that part of the world). Please note:
  • In over half of the list, the exact dates for 2017 have not yet been received, and last year's dates are shown [in brackets]. Updates are coming in - the North Wales Bluegrass Festival will be a week later (6-9 July) than it was last year.
  • This is a list of UK events, so the Cairncastle Bluegrass Evening in July and the Bluegrass Music Festival at Omagh are both included - thanks to Sharon Loughrin, the BBMA's representative for Northern Ireland.
The BBMA's events page at present shows the 2016 list, which also included the Westport Folk and Bluegrass festival.

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