11 November 2016

The Old Time Herald plans ahead

The Old Time Herald (OTH) has just launched its annual appeal to the old-time music community for support to the magazine and its nonprofit parent organization, the Old-Time Music Group. This year’s fundraiser is extra-special, as in 2017 the OTH will celebrate its thirtieth year of publication with a programme of special projects and initiatives to expand its coverage and audience, and to ensure that the magazine and its work will still be going strong thirty years from now. The plans include:
  • A new series of articles on the rising generation of old-time musicians, now in their teens and twenties;
  • Phase 2 of stories of the 'Revival Generation' of old-time music;
  • Expanding subscription options;
  • Expanding online presence - through a new partnership with the Independent Voices project of NA Publishing, digital copies of all thirty years of the OTH will be made, with a view to making this amazing archive available online.
The OTH staff - Sarah Bryan (editor and executive director), Peter Honig (business director), and Steve Terrill (art director) - write:

Your contribution is vital to making it all possible! The OTH is truly a community institution, and without the support of the traditional music community, it would not be here. This year more than ever, your contribution is an investment in the future of old-time music. We hope you’ll make a donation (tax-deductible in the US) through our website, or by sending a check to the fundraiser at Old-Time Herald, PO Box 61679, Durham NC, 27715.

No bluegrass fan should forget that OTH was founded by Alice Gerrard (friend of Bill Monroe and Tommy Jarrell, and pioneer woman bluegrasser in partnership with Hazel Dickens), with great support from Pete Kuykendall, founder of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine.

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