21 November 2016

Shape-note singing comes to Galway, 2 Dec. 2016

A three-hour session of shape-note singing under expert guidance will be held at the Rowing Club, Woodquay, Galway, on Friday 2 December from 6.00 to 9.00 p.m. All are welcome, and no experience is necessary. The organisers, Eimear and Isabel, write:

All that is required is a desire to sing and an appreciation of the joy of singing.

This is one of the oldest and traditional forms of music in America. This is four-part
a cappella singing that dates back to the sixteenth century. The style is characterised by haunting harmonies, traditional modes, raucous songs, serene hymns, fast fugues, and high-energy anthems.

We are honoured to have experienced shape-note singer, teacher, and composer Aldo Ceresa in Galway on the night, all the way from New York City to lead our workshop.

More details are on the event Facebook, including these links for further information:

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