24 November 2016

Fox & Branch (USA) tour in June 2017?

Thanks to the FOAOTMAD news blog for the news that Fox & Branch (Dave Fox and Will Branch), based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are planning a tour in Britain and Ireland from 9 June to 24 June 2017. FOAOTMAD reports:

They have gigs at the beginning and end of the tour, as well as one right in the middle, but have many dates yet to fill. Can anyone help out?

Fox & Branch's repertoire includes old-time country and Cajun songs and tunes; New Orleans, jug band, and swing numbers; ballads and tunes from these islands; bluegrass songs; 'and, last but not least, banjo/washboard breakdowns'. Each of them has been performing for over thirty years, and in addition to their 'music for grownups' concerts, they specialise in shows for children - their seven albums include five for children. They also offer workshops in American roots rhythms (including 'hambone' body percussion), 'How songs work' (use of chords), and arranging for two guitars.

Fox & Branch provide a video introduction on their website; it's also on YouTube, where they have their own channel. A player with seven audio numbers is on their 'grownups' page. Anyone who can offer or suggest a gig to them can contact them by e-mail.

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