29 November 2016

Factor One at the Unitarian Church, Dublin, 3 Dec. 2016

Gerry Fitzpatrick, organiser of the Cabin Sessions series at Uncle Tom's Cabin in Dundrum, Dublin 14, writes:

Just wanted to let you know about a once-off gig this Saturday (3 Dec.). Factor One, with Andrew Basquille (a regular guest at the Cabin), will be performing at the Unitarian Church, Stephen's Green, at 8.00 p.m. The set will feature songs from their new EP, which was recently recorded in Studio 515 in Nashville. Proceeds from the evening will go towards a charity for the homeless. Very special venue and well worth going along!

BIB editor's note: Among Andrew's many talents and activities, he's a devotee of the work of Hank Williams and was also the first person ever to ask me whether anyone was singing Sacred Harp music in Dublin (and at that time I didn't know). His songwriting can be sampled on the Irish Times website, which has the full text and an audio recording of his 'Arthur's song'.

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