04 October 2016

St. Beaufort (D/CAN/USA) in Ballydehob and Westport THIS WEEKEND

St. Beaufort: (l-r) Joe Jakubczyk (USA), Henric Hungerhoff (D),
Derek Ullenboom (CAN)

Thanks to Uri Kohen in Westport for this news:

St. Beaufort are a German-based band who play traditional American music. On their website they wrote the following:

Inspired by stories of the attempts to find trade routes along the coast of North America to connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, immortalised in the song by Canadian legend Stan Rogers. The fact that men risked their lives for the sake of exploration, sacrificing everything yet never reaching the Beaufort Sea, spoke to us. In honour of this adventurous spirit, which we hope our music may emulate, St. Beaufort was born.

The band will play two official gigs in Ireland this weekend, and some surprise appearances are expected as well. This Friday (7 October) they will play at 8.00 p.m. at Levis' pub in Ballydehob, Co. Cork, and will spend all of Saturday in the area with more sessions planned for the day. On Sunday they will cross the entire west coast and will appear at McGing's pub, Westport, Co. Mayo.

It is a rare opportunity to hear a German band take on the music we love so much.

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