11 October 2016

Get off to a good start with the dobro!

Bluegrass Camp Ireland, as they announce on their Facebook, are not usually in the business of advertising. The BIB has no such scruples; and anyhow, Bluegrass Camp Ireland admit that this is a special case.

David Hawkins,* who plays dobro at the weekly Dublin bluegrass jam, has built himself a better instrument and so wishes to sell his previous one, a Cort square-neck. This has itself been substantially upgraded: a new cone, spider, soundhole covers, new strings, bone nut, and ebony capped saddles, making it more playable. In addition, it comes with a Dunlop 'lap dawg' tone bar and pick set, a leather pouch to keep these safe, a Beard USA capo, and a dobro tuition book with CD.

At €360 all in, this seems a good way to begin a dobro career. More details and a photo of the instrument David has for sale are here (click on the image to see the whole package). As Bluegrass Camp Ireland says: 'Contact him please, not us!'

* No relation of your editor, as far as either of us know.

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