28 October 2016

Breadwinners - newer than ever

Breadwinners at rest: (top to bottom) Lily Sheehan, Luke Coffey,
John Denby, Mark Corry

The BIB apologises for announcing one of the guest acts at this month's Cabin Session in Dundrum, Dublin 14, as the New Breadwinners bluegrass band from Dublin. Gerry Fitzpatrick, the Cabin Sessions organiser, had originally announced the band as 'Breadwinners', and he was right.

This summer the New Breadwinners reorganised from a three- to a four-piece format. Niall Hughes (guitar, bass, vocals) having left, the new version of the band dropped 'New' from the title and became plain Breadwinners, with a new logo (right). The lineup is now Lily Sheehan (guitar, vocals), Luke Coffey (banjo, vocals), John Denby (mandolin, vocals), and Mark Corry (bass). Photos on their Facebook show the band at the Dunmore East festival (where Gerry Fitzpatrick heard them) and at Áras an Uachtaráin, where they attended the annual garden party and are pictured with the President and Mrs Higgins.*

The New Breadwinners Facebook page is no longer active, but everything that was on it can still be seen on the Breadwinners Facebook page, which has been added to the BIB's list of bands in the right-hand sidebar. The Breadwinners' music can be heard on BandCamp.

*Update 1 Nov.: A photo of the Watery Hill Boys with Mrs Higgins in October can be seen here.

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