25 October 2016

Bluegrass at Mohill, Co. Leitrim, Sun. 30 Oct. 2016

Welcome news announced by Mohill Bluegrass Festival on Facebook:

The Mohill Bluegrass Festival, in conjunction with the annual Mohill Horse Fair and O'Brien's Tavern, bring you the Down and Out Bluegrass Band, playing on the street on Sunday 30th Oct. and that night in O'Briens @ 10.00 p.m. We're looking for as many bluegrassers as possible on the day and night. We aim to keep the bluegrass going all day in O'Briens. Strings or no strings, you're very welcome to come and listen or play the best music in town. Don't forget - Sunday 30th Oct. (BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND)

O'Brien's Tavern (photo below) is part of the Traveller's Rest B&B in Glebe St., Mohill.

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