16 September 2016

The Moron Brothers - better very late than never

The Moron Brothers of Kentucky, who topped the bluegrass section of the bill at the Bunratty Banjo Pickers Festival in Co. Clare two years ago, have released a 45-minute video on Facebook. This was originally scheduled to air last night; but as the Brothers explain, there were some technical difficulties (involving a mouse and a .44 Magnum), and they've now posted it under the heading 'Better very late than never!' John Lawless, on Bluegrass Today, calls them

everybody’s favorite bluegrass comedians [...] a rare and remarkable act, combining good, clean, cornpone humor with bluegrass music and backwoods ways. I dare you to watch and not laugh out loud.

NB: The Bunratty Banjo Pickers Festival has since grown into the Bunratty Bluegrass Festival, the next edition of which will be starting just five weeks from now (21-3 October).

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