29 September 2016

Bertram Levy in these islands, Feb. 2017?

Thanks to the FOAOTMAD news blog for a short but momentous item that will resonate with fans of a certain age:

Bertram Levy and his daughter will be touring February, I think 3rd to 19th. More details as I get them.

Bertram Levy, as can be seen from his website (and not just the bio page), is a remarkable figure in the playing of old-time music since the 1960s. A founder member of the Hollow Rock String Band, 'the first young urban band to play the repertoire collected directly from the old timers', he later founded the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes in Port Townsend, WA, which celebrates 40 years in 2017. His love for squeeze-box music has led him into a long-time mastery of the Anglo concertina and (more recently) the bandoneon and tango music.

While he was working as a surgeon in Dublin in the mid 1970s, his playing understandably influenced those who were then trying to learn old-time music here. We hope his trip to these islands will include a return, however brief, to Ireland.

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