25 September 2016

Apply now to take part in EWOB 2017 (# 20)!

The European World of Bluegrass (EWOB) organising team announced a week ago on Facebook:

OPEN FOR APPLICATION! (Bands and Volunteers)

It gives us great pleasure to announce that EWOB 2017 is in the works! EWOB will be celebrating its 20th anniversary!

We're proud to have been one of the major meeting grounds for European bluegrass over these 20 years and are grateful for your presence and contributions.

We will be able to use the trusted location in Voorthuizen [central Netherlands] for another year and are hoping for your support to pull off this memorable 20th EWOB.

Bands can apply by visiting www.ewob.nl; download the submission form and follow the instructions!

Bands should deliver their applications by 1 December 2016; those bands selected to perform at the 2017 EWOB Festival (25-7 May 2017) will be informed in January.

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