14 September 2016

4th Italian Bluegrass Meeting at Cremona, 1 Oct. 2016

More news from Europe, but at any rate with a plain connection to Ireland; plus, it's a good idea for an autumn break in Italy with bluegrass. Danilo Cartia announces from Rome:

Dear friends and enthusiasts,

I'm proud to inform you that the 4th Italian Bluegrass Meeting, edition 2016, will take place for the whole day of 1 October inside Cremona Mondomusica on the stage reserved outside the pavilions, at Fiera di Cremona.

By informing you that I will be the coordinator this year too, I invite you to write me at my e-mail to submit your attendances and if you need any explanation.

The whole Acoustic Guitar Village will take place on Friday 30 September, Saturday 1 October, and Sunday 2 October, always organised by the Cultural Association Armadillo Club, with the artistic director Alessio Ambrosi and it will revisit the same form as the Acoustic Guitar Meeting of Sarzana.

The Acoustic Guitar Meeting has been held annually in Sarzana, Italy, since 1998, and will continue under the title 'Acoustic Guitar Village'. Danilo is the moving spirit of bluegrass in Rome, organises the Rome Bluegrass Jam, and has organised the Italian Bluegrass Meeting as part of the Acoustic Guitar Meeting since 2013. He jammed with Galway's Old Town Rounders in McGing's during last year's Westport Folk & Bluegrass Festival, and visited Cork (and jammed there) earlier this year.

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