03 August 2016

Songs by Imor Byrne

On 29 December 2010 the BIB published a post commemorating the founding in late 1975 of the Sackville String Band, and mentioning some of the early members of the band, including Imor Byrne (d. 1977), fiddler and songwriter.

Since then, the BIB has received comments on this post from Caoimhe, Imor's niece; from Jane Bell, who supplied a drawing of Imor (see the BIB for 30 June 2014; from ribeiro_joven; and - just two days ago - from Brendan 'Hairy' Hearty, musician, bandleader, and friend of Imor, who writes:

I have about a dozen songs written by Imor including 'Three Guilder Wine', which is the only one that we collaborated on. I have still page on which he scribbled the words that he had got in his head at that stage. I was thinking that a 'Songs of Imor Byrne' might be a worthwhile project.

It would certainly be of great interest to anyone who knew Imor before or during his Sackville days. Brendan appears to be on Facebook, but the BIB is not, and can't contact him that way; nor can we do so by e-mail, as a comment on a blog post carries no return address. If Brendan sees this post, could he please e-mail the editor?

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At 7:21 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Richard I was thinking about Imor Byrne lately and came across your blog and was wondering if that photo of the Sackville String Band is available yet? I remember Imor and Hairy fondly from school and Dublin in the 70's
Paddy Murphy.

At 8:02 pm, Blogger Richard Hawkins said...

Hello, Paddy,

Steps are being taken to do something about the photo. Keep watching the BIB!

BIB editor


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