08 August 2016

Evan Lyons gets busy: update

Evan Lyons of Co. Tipperary attended the Sore Fingers Summer School in England earlier this year, as one recipient of the first two EBMA Youth Scholarships - the other being Tabitha Agnew of Cup O' Joe from Co. Armagh. Both of them will be recounting their experiences at Sore Fingers in the EBMA magazine, Bluegrass Europe. Since then, Woodbine have had the pleasure of his sitting in on several occasions, and he and his sister Amy played a very well received set at last month's Woodbine Bluegrass Jamboree.

In fact, Evan loses very few opportunities of playing; so we were pleased, but not entirely surprised, to hear from his father Michael that ten days ago in Dublin

... Evan played with Well Enough Alone at two gigs over the weekend and also played with the Dublin Bluegrass Collective on Saturday night at the Wiley Fox pub on the quays.

Michael also sends this brief video (above) of one of the Well Enough Alone gigs - it's as dark as an X-Files episode, but there's no mistake about Evan's contribution to the proceedings. The tune is 'Remington Ride'.
Also to be noted: Cup O' Joe will be playing on the Q Main Stage of the Stendhal Festival of Art, 'Ireland's best small festival', at Ballyvelin Rd, Limavady, BT49 0NG, this coming Friday (12 Aug.) between 6.30 and 7.15 p.m.

Update 26 Aug.: Evan will be playing with the Dublin Bluegrass Collective this coming Sunday (28 Aug.) at the 22nd Dunmore East Bluegrass Festival, and will be playing with Woodbine the following weekend at the 25th Omagh Bluegrass Music Festival.

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